Think not just about what you will create, but also what you will be leaving behind - Anand

Products and services have such great impact on us, that today sometimes we tend to overlook the human good. Anything without the noble thought of human good, has had a shallow impact whereas good products leave a lasting impression on our lives.
A design thinker, human centred problem solver and innovator MA graduate from the Royal College of Art in Vehicle Design, with over 11 years design experience and winner of several design accolades. Demonstrates innovation, creative ability and technical insight from inception, research and planning through to story telling, sketches & renders, alias model, 1:1 clay and partnering with stakeholders to deliver any advanced to production projects. Spearheads effectively singlehandedly or by mentoring, leading through example and bringing a fresh perspective in design team to carry projects with product development process to production in partnership with stakeholders for effective business deliverables.
Values he holds highest are honesty, integrity and commitment.